Map of Guanacaste
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Guanacaste Beaches

Playa Panama is the beach closest to Liberia's airport. The calm, protected waters of the Bahia Culebra make for a relaxing day in the sea. Playa Panama hotels
playa hermosa
Playa Hermosa is a small beach community with a handful of hotels and restaurants. Just 30 minutes from the Liberia airport. Playa Hermosa tours, dining, hotels
playa hermosa
Playas del Coco has a great beachfront park to spend your day. Tons of amenities and a wild nightlife scene are what makes Playas del Coco famous! Playas del Coco tours, dining, hotels, nightlife, non-profits and more
playa matapalo
Playa Matapalo is a resort beach found just past the famous Monkey Trail dirt road, 20 minutes south of Playas del Coco.
playa flamingo
Playa Danta is a great beach to visit if you are in the Portrero area, Mountain Bike trails, great island views and soft sand are just a few of the highlights. Playa Danta info
playa flamingo
Flamingo is a great place to pass the day, gorgeous sand, sun and fun is the name of the game in Playa Flamingo. Flamingo tours, dining, hotels, non-profits
playa conchal
Playa Conchal is well known as one of Costa Rica's most sought after beaches. Rather then traditional sand this unique beach is actually made of shells smoothed by the sea over thousands of years. Playa Conchal hotels
playa grande
Playa Grande is a great surf beach, known as one the best in the area. Playa Grande is also famous for it's Leatherback Turtles that come here to nest during the night hours. Playa Grande tours, hotels, non-profits
playa tamarindo
Tamarindo is a great place to pass the day, gorgeous sand, sun and fun is the name of the game in Playa Flamingo. Tamarindo tours. dining, nightlife, hotels
playa nosara
Nosara is a good surf beach but the main attraction are the sea turtles. Throughout the year sea turtles come to thhis area to nest, and if you're lucky you will be here to see an "Arribada" which is the arrival of hundreds of thousands of our turtle friends! Nosara Tours. dining, hotels
Cañas is a medium sized town located 40 minutes south of Liberia. Cañas is a home to a handful of rivers and great river rafting! Cañas Non-profits, more
Liberia is the biggest city of the area and home to Guanacaste's only international airport. Liberia is a nice place to get a bte to eat or spend the night en route to your next Costa Rica destination! Non-profits, more

6 Things to do in Guanacaste

fishing costa rica
costa rica nightlife zi lounge
Dining - Woodys Gastro Bar & Bistro is Cooking up some delicious comfort food in Playas del Coco. Ribs, Pizzas, burgers and more!
Nightlife - Lizard Lounge in Playas del Coco has been rocking the beach for over a decade. Check out this sexy dance party!
fishing costa rica
costa rica nightlife zi lounge
Dining - Pisces is home to beautiful, gardenside dining. Serving fresh cuisine like their Coconut crusted Mahi and amazing Blackened Scallops Fettuccine
Fishing - El Coco Fishing Club is reeling in some big fish this year out on the Papagayo Gulf. Watch Andre and the guys hook into a bunch of fish in this great video!
fishing costa rica
costa rica nightlife zi lounge
Nightlife - Zi Lounge is well known for it's crazy parties, tourists from around the world keep coming back to Playas del Coco to party in this hotspot.
Live Music - Los Mojitos is Guanacaste's hottest live/event band. Watch them perform Sade's "Smooth Operator" just after the short interview (1 min) with the band's bassist Brad


Guanacaste Information

Well, the secret is out. Guanacaste has officially become a hotspot for Jetsetters from all over the planet. In 1995 the Daniel Oduber International airport opened in Guanacaste's capital of Liberia. This new portal to paradise made Guanacaste really boom, small towns have grown into beachside communities with everything ammenity the modern tourist could ask for.

People from all over the world fall in love with the glorious beaches, friendly towns and wide streched savannah-like plains in this part of the country. The "Gold Coast" as many refer to it, stretches from the southern border of Nicaragua down the Pacific into the Nicoya Peninsula. Unlike other parts of Costa Rica, Guanacaste is very dry most of the year fulfilling the dreams of many sun worshippers along the way.

Heading south down the northern coast will encounter Bahia Salinas, a great windsurfing destination. South of Bahia Salinas is The Santa Rosa National Park, Costa Rica's biggest national park hosts world class surfing destinations like Witch's Rock and Ollies Point. At the park's tip you can also find great scuba diving at the Bat Islands.

A bit further south you can find the immensely beautiful white sand Playa Cabuyal and the calm waters of Playa Iguanita which is protectect by the very enclosed Bahia Culebra.

Playa Hermosa is a a small beach town that is a great place to spend the day. Snorkeling tends to be very good on a calm day. The next Beach town heading south is Playas del Coco. The central Hub of this area, Playas del Coco has great dining, hotels and nightlife!

Playa Matapalo is a nice resort beach that can be really great for surfcast fishing.

Heading towards the middle of the region you'll find the great area stretching from Portrero down to Tamarindo. This zone has many great destinations such as the cool white sands of Playa Flamingo. What is possibly Costa Rica's most beautiful beach, Playa Conchal. The Turtle nesting area, marine wildlife reserve and great surfing beach named Playa Grande and the popular surf and party destination Playa Tamarindo.

Nosara is a wonderful place to visit and see the great Sea Turtle nesting "arribadas" sometimes you can see thousands of turtles on the beach all at the same time.

And last but certainly not least the picturesque Playa Samara, a favorite amongst tourists and locals alike.

But don't be fooled, Guanacaste isn't just about Beaches and palms. There are also numerous Volcanos and other National parks here to explore throughout your journeys. So pack some 30spf and hit the surf because once you come to Guanacaste you just might never want to leave.

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