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TV Pura Vida | Costa Rica Travel

Now Playing: Destination for a Day CR | Playas del Coco

Find great things to do in Playas del Coco including restaurants, hotels, nightlife, shopping, real estate and nearby surfing!

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costa rica nightlife zi lounge
El Coco Fishing Club is catching some big fish in the Papagayo Gulf. Fish on!
Zi Lounge in Playas del Coco throws a sexy and exciting party. The next round's on us, cheers!
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Channel Guide

Need to add a little Adventure to your vacation? Well come join the fun! Adventure Vida covers everything from Fishing, Surfing and Diving on the Coast to Whitewater Rafting and Zip-lining in the heart to this beautiful country.

Hungry and not sure where to eat? Check out the Dining Channel to catch up on Costa Rica Latest and Traditional Cuisine and find out what Restaurants are serving up dishes in the area that you are visiting.

Need to let loose for a while? Then shake your booty over to our Nightlife channel. Bars, Discotechs, Lounges, they're all here so join us for the best night of your vacation... Cheers!


Stressed? Then you've come to the right place. Spas, Resorts and comfy beds all await you in the "Tranquilo" Pura Relax.


Find Real estate, boutiques, gyms and much more! Come in, browse around and find just what you're looking for. Great for if you are thinking about turning your vacation into a way of life!

4 The Future is all about helping out people and the environment. Non-Profits and Charities are showcased, so take a look and find out how you can give a helping hand.

White sand? Black sand? No sand? Find out all the info you need to make your next vacation a great Costa Rica travel experience! The Destination Channel will bring you from Coast to Coast and everywhere in between.