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Welcome to “The Good Life,” a series celebrating positive happenings in Costa Rica. Join us as we explore Playas del Coco’s mesmerizing beach bonfire during every full moon.

This captivating event brings the community together, with hundreds of people gathering under the stars. New friendships are formed as the sunset, bonfire, and ocean create an unbeatable atmosphere. What sets this bonfire apart is its synchronization with the full moon. It’s an incredible opportunity to enjoy the beach, connect with friends, and bask in the moonlit serenity.

Playas del Coco’s expat community is welcoming and close-knit, allowing you to find your place and immerse yourself in Costa Rican culture.

Whether you’re seeking a retirement paradise or a relaxing escape, Playas del Coco offers it all. With its vast beach, warm tropical ambiance, and opportunities for community engagement, it’s the perfect fit. Join us for a bonfire on a full moon night, make lasting memories, and embrace the good life in Costa Rica.